Packing and Moving Tips

Household ShiftingIn Delhi NCR regions, there are thousands of packing and moving companies and all of them will claim to give you the best services. But, you cannot rely on their words, as actions speak louder than mere words. Here are some of the most effective ways to get started with packing and home relocation.

  • Start packing at least a month back, keep enough time at hand. No rush! If you are planning to pack at the last moment then there are chances of mistakes and mishaps. So, it is better to make prior plans and arrangements.
  • Start packing one room at a time.
  • Use proper packing materials like boxes and crates, foams and Polyethylene chips for cushioning, bubble wraps and crumpled papers, bed sheets etc.
  • For the appliances the original boxes are the best. Sometimes, you can get the packing materials in local shops and retailers.
  • Choose the items that will be included while packing. Concentrate on the necessary and important items.
  • Get rid of the unwanted items, you can donate them in charity, or throw them in the trash, or you can put them on sale too on some online portals.
  • Some of the appliances are very heavy, so you may prefer taking the professional help here, as they have the correct equipments required for the purpose of lifting the heavy goods.
  • Visit the new place before you move there permanently, and check the condition of the place.
  • Notify the post office, banks, and other important places your change of address, give them your new address so that you do not miss any deliveries.
  • Get rid of the items which are expired. Empty the fridge and the pantry as food items may get damaged while moving.
  • Make sure that the appliances are switch off, they are dry and clean completely before you pack them for the move.
  • Be flexible while choosing the moving date, negotiate with the moving company. The rates and charges tend to go higher during weekends and any other holidays.
  • Load the heavier boxes before, and then the lighter ones.
  • Tape the boxes at least thrice, so that the joins are tight. Label the boxes on the sides, properly, so that you can locate the items easily.
  • Check the documents, license, credentials of the packing and moving company before signing the contract.
  • Check the company reviews, and if possible talk to some of the past clients of the company.
  • Keep all the important documents with you, and also double check the insurance cover and ways to claim for the insurance

Packing and Moving ServicesJust a little bit of practical thinking and precaution can save you from the hassles of relocating a house. And if you are still unsure, you should get in touch with professional movers and packers agencies for help.